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Proyek 120TPD H₂O₂

Using the most advanced anthraquinone process in the world, industrial-grade hydrogen peroxide is produced after several processing procedures such as hydrogenation, oxidation, and extraction.

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Construction scale and content:The 120 tons/day hydrogen peroxide project
Syarat Konstruksi Proyek:Water, electricity, gas and information are available, and the transportation is convenient
Perencanaan Jadwal:taun 1
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The technology used in the investment project is adapted to domestic resource conditions and has good technical adaptability; the technical process route can adapt to the characteristics of the main domestic raw materials, and the technical process route is simple, which is conducive to process control and equipment operation. The process technology has been tested by domestic production practices. , Prove that the technology is mature, technical support conditions are good, and have strong reliability


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